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Monthly Archives: July 2012

In Property Tax Foreclosure, Owner Bears Responsibility To Check Municipal Records

Posted in Court Decisions, In Rem Foreclosure, Property Tax News

New York’s highest court has recently reaffirmed that property owners may not stick their heads in the sand and claim a defense to non-payment of taxes based on lack of notice.  All that is required in a tax foreclosure proceeding brought by the municipality is a proper initial notice under Article 11 of the Real… Continue Reading

Westchester Property Taxes High, But Credit is Better Than Other Suburban Counties

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Westchester County property owners may place astronomically high property taxes on their short-list of complaints, but they also have property taxes to thank for the County’s triple-A credit rating according to one source.   In comparison to neighboring, wealthy suburban counties such as Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk, all of which depend on Wall Street to fuel… Continue Reading

Property Taxes Drive Homebuyers North of New York City

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Smaller tax bills for larger homes are drawing young families well north of the traditional New York City suburbs, and extending commute times for many. Places like Dutchess County are booming with new construction, even amid the faltering economy, often offered at nearly half the acquisition and tax cost of comparable homes in Westchester County…. Continue Reading

New York’s Apartment Renters Pay More Taxes Than Owners

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Renters in New York City’s large apartment buildings pay far more in property taxes than homeowners. They also disproportionately shoulder the total City property tax burden, according to a report recently released by The Furman Center. How could it be, one might ask, that renters would pay property taxes at all? They don’t, at least… Continue Reading