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NY Property Tax Monitor Blog Quoted in the New York Law Journal

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Appellate Division Justices Thomas A. Dickerson and Daniel D. Angiolillo, writing a roundup of notable decisions and issues in the field of New York State property taxation and valuation law in the prominent New York Law Journal, cited and quoted this blog in a discussion of the controversial tax cap legislation (see this blog’s June 29, 2012, article, “Calculating New York’s Two-Percent Tax Cap“).

Judges Dickerson and Angiolillo observed that there were reactions and criticisms to the tax cap, and quoted the Tax Monitor as saying,

The greatest source of confusion among most New York State taxpayers is the suggestion that with the tax cap one year’s tax bill should never be more than two-percent higher than the year before. This is hardly true. Rather, the cap limit refers to the total tax levy (or budget) for the municipality or school, after application of a complex formula.”