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Highest Court Strikes Down Nassau County’s Attempt to Shift Obligation to Pay Tax Refunds

Posted in Court Decisions, Property Tax Laws, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends, Tax Appeals

Nassau County was dealt a decisive blow to its financial prospects on February 18 when the State’s highest court held that it had exceeded its constitutional authority in attempting to shirk its obligation to pay tax refunds — estimated at some $450 million — by shifting the duty to individual taxing districts. In a 29-page… Continue Reading

Avoiding Property Taxes in New York: Exemptions and Abatements in the News

Posted in Court Decisions, Property Tax Exemptions, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Property taxes throughout New York State may be among the highest in the nation, but there is no shortage of properties that escape taxation.  Legally.  And in a sign of the times, exemptions, abatements and creative (and often controversial) agreements to take properties off the tax rolls are in high demand. A recent post to… Continue Reading

In Property Tax Foreclosure, Owner Bears Responsibility To Check Municipal Records

Posted in Court Decisions, In Rem Foreclosure, Property Tax News

New York’s highest court has recently reaffirmed that property owners may not stick their heads in the sand and claim a defense to non-payment of taxes based on lack of notice.  All that is required in a tax foreclosure proceeding brought by the municipality is a proper initial notice under Article 11 of the Real… Continue Reading