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New York Property Tax Cap Squeeze on Schools Fails to Address Underlying Cost Burden

Posted in Property Tax Laws, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends, Tax Cap

“The property tax is the killer tax in this state, and it has been for a long time,” Governor Cuomo said in his January 2016 State of the State address, and his solution has been the property tax cap. Appealing on its face, but the tax cap fails to tackle the real problems and has… Continue Reading

Highest Court Strikes Down Nassau County’s Attempt to Shift Obligation to Pay Tax Refunds

Posted in Court Decisions, Property Tax Laws, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends, Tax Appeals

Nassau County was dealt a decisive blow to its financial prospects on February 18 when the State’s highest court held that it had exceeded its constitutional authority in attempting to shirk its obligation to pay tax refunds — estimated at some $450 million — by shifting the duty to individual taxing districts. In a 29-page… Continue Reading

New York City Apparently Unable to Explain its Own Property Tax Methods

Posted in Property Tax Laws, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends, Tax Appeals, Valuation

Calculating property taxes and related values is complicated and perplexing in nearly every jurisdiction in the U.S., though perhaps nowhere more than New York City. One of the greatest sources of confusion comes when the City decides to increase an assessed value for certain classes of properties based on market changes (as opposed to physical… Continue Reading

Slight Decline in Westchester Tax Certiorari Filings Following Years of Steady Increases

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends, Tax Appeals, Valuation

The number of tax certiorari proceedings filed in 2012 in Westchester County (9th Judicial District) dipped below the level of the previous year, and reversed the steady annual increase that had been occurring since at least 2006. Figures for 2013 are not yet available. Certiorari filings went from 3,288 in 2006 to 4,268 in 2011,… Continue Reading

New York’s Wealthiest Communities Pay the Lowest Property Taxes, Report Finds

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

New York State notoriously has one of the highest property tax burdens in the United States, leading the nation by several measures. Yet, within the State, the picture is far more complex and varied. Despite the fact that the majority of property wealth is located downstate in New York City and the suburbs of Nassau… Continue Reading

Property Tax Education for the Appellate Division of New York

Posted in Property Tax Laws, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends, Revaluation, Tax Appeals, Tax Cap

For the vast majority of lawyers, interaction with Appellate Judges is quite limited and generally reserved for tension-filled, highly formalized, brief appearances before a stern and imposing panel that literally sits on high and fires vexing questions rapid-fire before saying “please sit down”. And the appellate decision-making process is often a murky one in which… Continue Reading

Hurricane Sandy, Natural Disasters, and New York Property Tax Relief

Posted in Property Tax Laws, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends, Valuation

Many of our clients and colleagues have asked in recent weeks whether property damage caused by Superstorm Sandy may present any opportunities for local tax relief. Sandy affected roughly 81,000 properties and caused some $35 billion in property damage in New York alone, according to CoreLogic.  Natural disasters, which now occur with some regularity in various… Continue Reading

New York City Property Tax Evaders Under Scrutiny

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Everything is bigger in New York City.  Some one million property owners paid $17 billion in real estate taxes last year.  Of those owners, 184,000 thought they were unfairly assessed and appealed the City’s valuation, resulting in about $500 million in tax refunds granted at the administrative level alone.  But, the City’s property tax system… Continue Reading

Avoiding Property Taxes in New York: Exemptions and Abatements in the News

Posted in Court Decisions, Property Tax Exemptions, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Property taxes throughout New York State may be among the highest in the nation, but there is no shortage of properties that escape taxation.  Legally.  And in a sign of the times, exemptions, abatements and creative (and often controversial) agreements to take properties off the tax rolls are in high demand. A recent post to… Continue Reading

Property Tax Exemption Created by New York for Energy Efficient Green Buildings

Posted in Property Tax Exemptions, Property Tax Laws, Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

“Green buildings” — improvements constructed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards — have received much attention in recent years, but have also presented challenges in valuation and property taxation.  Not long ago, I counseled a local lodging developer who sought to create a truly “green” hotel, despite the fact that… Continue Reading

Westchester Property Taxes High, But Credit is Better Than Other Suburban Counties

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Westchester County property owners may place astronomically high property taxes on their short-list of complaints, but they also have property taxes to thank for the County’s triple-A credit rating according to one source.   In comparison to neighboring, wealthy suburban counties such as Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk, all of which depend on Wall Street to fuel… Continue Reading

Property Taxes Drive Homebuyers North of New York City

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Smaller tax bills for larger homes are drawing young families well north of the traditional New York City suburbs, and extending commute times for many. Places like Dutchess County are booming with new construction, even amid the faltering economy, often offered at nearly half the acquisition and tax cost of comparable homes in Westchester County…. Continue Reading

New York’s Apartment Renters Pay More Taxes Than Owners

Posted in Property Tax News, Property Tax Trends

Renters in New York City’s large apartment buildings pay far more in property taxes than homeowners. They also disproportionately shoulder the total City property tax burden, according to a report recently released by The Furman Center. How could it be, one might ask, that renters would pay property taxes at all? They don’t, at least… Continue Reading